Celtic Culture and Links

I have always been fond of Celtic art, music, dancing, and so on. And with the bit of Welsh blood that I have in my veins, I can almost feel like I'm actually getting in touch with my heritage. On this page, I have started compiling some Celtic resources that I've managed to find on the Web. I intend to get a tattoo of a celtic knot on my shoulder within the next couple of months (just kidding, Mom!).

I'm afraid that at this time, I have very few links to offer you. Here are the ones that I have:

Diane's Page About Ireland
Just about everything possible about Ireland that you could hope for, from history and culture to real estate and mail-order Irish brides!

Irish Toasts and Blessings
Part of Tom's More Appropriate Homepage.

Celtic Web Art
This is a fantastic site, with lots of great Celtic artwork. It is from this site that most of the Celtic art on my site comes from.

Chris' Page of Celtic Stuff
From this site, you can download some great graphics, fonts, screen savers, and so on.