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Leonardo DaVinci

I am a great fan of Leonardo DaVinci. In fact, I have a very fond memory of my grandfather, Gerald Erickson, taking me to a wonderful exhibit of DaVinci's works (consisting primarily of models built based on his sketches) at Villa Montalvo when I was nine or ten years old. Below are a few DaVinci links that I have tracked down.

Leonardo DaVince exhibit on WebMuseum Paris
This site has some good biographical information about DaVinci and a few of his paintings.

DaVinci's Drawings
Many of DaVinci's drawings can be found here at this site.

Yahoo's Leonardo DaVinci listing
Yahoo's listing is a great place to start looking for Leonardo DaVinci on the web.

Vincent Van Gogh

I'm also fond of the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Here are some Van Gogh sites on the web.

Vincent Van Gogh exhibit on WebMuseum Paris
An excellent source of Van Gogh's works and life.

Yahoo's Vincent Van Gogh listing
Yahoo is always, of course, a great place to start looking for Van Gogh.